We are passionate gamers and professional game developers, creating stunning games for people from all over the world.
For more than 10 years we've gained a lot of experience in developing and improving games for social networks. But don't want to stop here. That's why we have other projects in work.

Our Company

uGo games company was founded in 2009. Since our launch we've developed 15 games with more than 30 million installs. Our goal is to grow professionally and to develop new quality projects for social networks and mobile platforms. That's why we are constantly improving our skills, both technical and creative, focus on working with gaming community and improve our analysis methods of our projects' metrics. Besides, we are always looking for new members who can join our team and use their skills, experience and love for games to make our projects even better.

Our Games

Build your own royal farm! Take a step on the enchanted land, to start growing wonderful crops, making friends and taking part in fairy tale adventures!
Start a fun farming life. Build your farm and manage it with modern technology!

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